Neal + Steph Canada Newlyweds at Home

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Had the best time just outside of Toronto with these two. In lieu of an engagement shoot, they decided they wanted to do a newlywed shoot at their home while I was in town photographing their wedding. Steph is the sweetest, most thoughtful person and inspires so many with her fashion blog. I felt like Neal was the brother I wish I always had. We literally have all the same interests and I felt like I have known him my whole life. Together we all laughed and had such a great afternoon together!

David + Tyler Fort Worth, Texas Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

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Such a sweet and gentle couple with a bond that started when they were thirteen. They connected effortlessly and carried the most wonderful spirit. So happy to see their story told in the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

Event Planning + Design: Stefanie Miles . Floral Design: Bows + Arrows . Location: The Orchard . Paper + Calligraphy: Julie Song Ink . H&MU: Amy Clarke + Lindey . Dress: Saja . Cakes: Cakewalk Bake Shop

Sam + Kim Austin, Texas Featured on STYLE ME PRETTY

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Sam + Kim’s wedding was filled with joy and laughter. We had the most incredible time, with so many wonderful people, and the party was like no other.

Event Planning + Design: Stefanie Miles . Floral Design: Bows + Arrows . Location: Brazos Hall

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