Thomas & Julia Santa Barbara, California FARMHOUSE MOUNTAIN

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It is always an honor to work with couples on a recurring basis. For the past three years I have photographed Thomas & Julia, and it’s always a joy to plan a new shoot with them. We pick up right where we left off. They are a gorgeous couple and I love watching their love for each other grow as the years pass.

Geoff & Michelle Cabrera, Dominican Republic 2015 Destination Wedding of the year by The Knot Magazine

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We had the most amazing team that worked so hard to create a really special weekend in the Dominican Republic for Geoff & Michelle. We all felt so blessed to work with such an incredible couple. Michelle greeted us in the Dominican with happy tears and a huge smile. On her most special day she spent her energy making sure everyone else felt special. That’s just the kind of person she is. So many great memories from a beautiful day that ended with all of us dancing the night away! I wish we could do it all over again!

Design & Planning: Stefanie Miles . H&MU: Amy Clarke . Florals: Bows and Arrows . Paper: Ladyfinger Letterpress . Coordination: Felicita Garcia . Venue: Casa Kimball . Videography: Candlelight Films

Justin & Nina Birmingham, Alabama Weddings Unveiled Magazine

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Justin & Nina were so full of class. They modeled what a genuine, southern couple is. It was an honor to see their wedding featured in the latest issue of Weddings Unveiled Magazine!

Creative Direction & Event Styling: Ginny Au
Flowers: Rosegolden Flowers
Paper Goods: Brown Linen Design
Rentals: 12th Table

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