“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan multiple times and each time we’ve been amazed by the moments we are able to capture together. Ryan is a joy to work with, his rapport with clients helps you feel relaxed and natural in situations that at times can feel awkward, I know especially that my husband appreciates this. He’s so creative and is able to nail our vision for a shoot while taking it up another level to finish with something that’s truly magical. The pictures that Ryan has taken of us are among our favorites and will be hung or displayed in our house for years to come.”

Julia & Thomas

“After an initial phone conversation with Ryan, I knew he had to be apart of our wedding. Ryan is outgoing, friendly, professional and feels like a friend you’ve had for years. We spent a week together in Hawaii leading up to the wedding and Ryan quickly became our dear friend! He fit in smoothly with the wedding party and set everyone at ease. From a professional standpoint, Ryan is amongst the best in the business. He was always one step ahead of me, knowing what I was thinking before I expressed it. Ryan captured our wedding day perfectly. He cares for and takes a personal interest in each couple he photographs.”

Kirsten & Mark

“Ever since I discovered Ryan’s work years ago, I knew that I wanted him to photograph my wedding someday—a few years later, my now-husband and I emailed him two days after we got engaged! Our experience with Ryan was everything I hoped it would be and more. Throughout the entire process, he was always incredibly kind and caring, as well as a true professional. On the day of our wedding, he went above and beyond to capture the day beautifully and thoughtfully. He let moments occur naturally, and continually encouraged us to be fully present on our wedding day and not worry at all about the photos. What a blessing that was! Our wedding is so sacred and sweet in my memories, and when we received our photos, we were blown away by how well they matched the way we remember the day. They take us, and our families, right back, and I can think of no greater gift than that. It was truly a dream come true to have Ryan photograph our wedding, and I will forever be grateful for him!”

Lisa & Dave

“Ryan truly captured the essence of our wedding in ways we could not have dreamed of beforehand, and the supportive, caring experience that he gave us was such a blessing. He was exactly who we needed to be by our sides through such an emotional day. It was clear that aside from being focused on his work his heart was connected to us and sharing in our joy. Ryan had a contagious positive energy, and he offered gentle guidance and assurance throughout the day to make sure we all felt comfortable. We also appreciated how he was so respectful and knew when to be more subtle as to not get in the way of allowing everyone to experience important moments together. Seeing the beauty of the details through Ryan’s eyes is breathtaking.  The photos were absolutely stunning in terms of artistic composition and design.  But what we really love about Ryan’s work is the way he seeks out and celebrates subtle, genuine interactions. Ryan is a master at finding little moments being experienced or shared and perfectly conveys those emotions. We trusted him completely, and honestly we can’t speak highly enough of him. We are forever grateful that he shared his heart with us and served us with his talents.”

Michelle & Geoff

“Simply put, Ryan Ray is the best. The sincerity, love, and perfect dose of humor that he pours into his work is reflected in the beautiful, authentic pictures that he takes. He and his beautiful wife, Cary, were such a special part of our big day. Their warmth and sincere joy for us put us at ease throughout the day. Ryan perfectly captured what was most important to us – our friends, family, and love. We will cherish our pictures forever. Thank you, Ryan!”

Nina & Justin

“In my years of working with Ryan, he’s always been professional but also completely personable and easy going, which is a treat. Because of that, and the great photos he creates, it’s a pleasure to feature his weddings. It doesn’t hurt that his portraits always seem to capture the true essence of each and every couple whose wedding he documents. I often feel like I was there and know exactly who the people are.”

Shira Savada
Real Weddings Editor, Martha Stewart Weddings

“Ryan Ray is a spectacular photographer. As the mother of the bride, I am forever grateful to Ryan and his team for beautifully capturing the essence of the special moments throughout the day. Everyone was so complementary of the way they engaged our guests and were so much fun!  Ryan and his team made a difference in making our daughter’s wedding day absolutely magical.”

Suzie Jones . Mother of the Bride

“Even before we got engaged, I followed Ryan’s work and hoped that he would one day photograph our wedding.  From the moment we met at the engagement shoot, I knew that he was the perfect photographer for us.  His eye for detail and quality of work is incomparable; beyond that, he has a way of making everyone feel at ease while shooting.  Every time I pull out our wedding photos, I am amazed all over again.  He was nothing but a joy to work with on the wedding day and throughout the entire process.” 

Tyler & David

“Ryan takes insanely gorgeous photos and he helped our day run so smoothly. The lighting in his images is so magical, and the composition so lovely. He helped me feel calm, comfortable and beautiful on my wedding day. He even made my husband, who hates having his picture taken, feel very comfortable. He was a fly on the wall during the ceremony, and made our chaotic families run like a well-oiled machine during their portraits. He had a very commanding presence about him that day but went about it in a way that seemed to make people pay attention, but offend no one. It was so essential and helpful on our wedding day. He made it go so smooth which enabled us to enjoy our day.

We love our photographs! Our beautiful box of prints are such a special heirloom that we will always cherish. Overall, my husband and I agree, hiring Ryan was the best decision we made for one of the most important days of our life!”

Danielle & Michael

“There are so many wonderful things I could say about Ryan Ray, but I am going to focus on his extraordinary photography. My husband and I are extremely shy, especially when being photographed. Ryan has the innate ability to put anyone at ease, particularly those in front of his camera. Not only that but he has the uncanny skill of herding cats. Our wedding party was rather large, however, Ryan was able to organize them, photograph them and send them off to the party rather timely. Ryan was such a dream to work with! We love every single image Ryan captured from our wedding. He was able to capture not only the essence of our special day but also the quintessence of our personalities. His photographs tell a story, the story of the happiest day of our lives. Each time I reminisce through our photographs, the vivid memories of September 27, 2014 flood through my mind, as blissful and meaningful as they were to me on that day.”

Katty & Chris

“Ryan is an amazing photographer and was a dream to work with from start to finish. He was our first vendor and hiring him was probably one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Ryan is such a nice and genuine person, and his positive energy is infectious. We spent a few days together in Koh Samui before the wedding and we immediately clicked and it didn’t take long for him to feel like a close friend. My husband hates having his picture taken, but even he felt comfortable, which was such a blessing! Ryan made the entire experience enjoyable, and we really appreciated his calming presence and professionalism. When we received our photographs, we were beyond thrilled. Ryan so beautifully and artfully captured the essence of our wedding, and the photos truly illustrate the happiest weekend of our lives. Ryan was a special part of our wedding and we will always cherish the photographs he took of us!”

Verna & Justin

“After watching Ryan work at our friends wedding, the first thing I did when Sam and I got engaged was contact him. We of course knew he would capture all the special moments with his unmatchable artistic vision, but we were also certain he would be right there in the middle of the dance floor with us getting all the fun memories. Ryan was so professional from beginning to end. He connected with me and my family before the wedding, asked intentional questions to get to know Sam and I, and made sure he knew everything we wanted him to capture during the big day. But what stood out to me was on the day of he came with so much energy, engaging everyone in our wedding party, and giving us great direction during our portraits to making us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. He jumped in and felt seamlessly apart of our day. Having Ryan there was a huge reason why our wedding was successful! Thank you forever for capturing our memories!”

Kim & Sam

“We were looking for the best film photographer we could find and when we found Ryan we found just that and so much more! I could speak for hours about the exquisite photography of Ryan Ray.  He is a master with composition and light.  He understands- and capitalizes on- the intricacies of film photography.  He is smart, humble, incredibly conscientious, full of joy and as warm-hearted a person as I have ever known.

However, what puts Ryan in a class all by himself is that what he cares most about and is so aware of is what the eye cannot see.  He sees what the heart is feeling and he engages with that emotion, both in life and in his photography.  His photos and his interactions reflect this authentic connection he has with others.  At our daughter’s wedding he was somehow able to dance with us on the dance floor, rush to grandma’s side when she needed a helping hand AND capture the most beautiful images I have ever seen, all with the same sensitivity, humanity and love.

He never once treated our daughter’s wedding like a photo shoot.  In fact, it felt like he was an old and dear friend whom we had known for years, who just happened to be a brilliant photographer! That combination resulted in the most stunning photos we could have dreamed of.  It was truly a privilege to have Ryan Ray photograph our daughter’s wedding and one for which we will always be grateful.”

Laura Towle . Mother of the Bride

“As a groom who is probably not too unlike other grooms, I was not thrilled about the idea of spending significant time in front of a camera. I feared that the process would feel artificial and lack the authenticity that defined, in part, our marriage, our families, and the people who chose to attend our wedding.

Ryan proved my fear to be unfounded. He was a pure, authentic joy. But, more powerfully, he showed us all a form of photography that may actually be uniquely his. Ryan’s ability to assimilate into our wedding group would have been incredible to watch… but none of us actually noticed as it happened. Instead, from day one, Ryan was simply a part of our crew. From this perspective he was able to create an incredible set of photos for which my wife and I will be eternally grateful.

I would guess that there are many talented wedding photographers, all capable of photographing wonderful moments as they happen. Ryan makes moments happen. And then he captures them in the most memorable of ways. He is, simply, in a class of his own.”

Luke & Hannah